On a relatively cold, but sunny day in January 2017, a local business owner took a walk up and down Virginia’s main street, Chestnut Street. Jenni stopped in each and every business asking if they would like to participate in a bi-monthly art crawl where the business would host an artist for the duration of a month and participate in a joint art reception during these months with all of the other businesses participating. Jenni received great support from most of the businesses on Chestnut Street.

On Thursday, April 20th, 2017, Virginia held it’s first art crawl. It was about 40˚ and raining slush from the sky, but folks came out! It was great. The next art crawl took place on Thursday, June 15th which was sunny and warm, Farmer’s Market was going on as well as The 218 Taphouse’s Street Performance. Thursday, August 17th was the largest art crawl yet as this happened during Bridge Daze in honor of the new Hwy 53 Bridge that was to open, it was also the dream machine car show weekend, farmer’s market, and another street performance. We had two more art crawls in 2017 to finish out the year both in October and December.

2018 Jenni decided to stick to just 4 art crawls per year. April, June, August, & October as February and December are just a little too cold and December there are already way too many things going on. The thing about the art crawls is that they are a way to explore, meet new people, see new things, embrace change, interact with something different. And none of the businesses profit in any way off of the artists who participate. There are no application fees and there are no commissions taken on anything sold. So if you are an artist or crafter and would like to participate, please get in touch with Jenni one way or another. Jenni’s contact info is posted. I encourage you to come and check it out! I promise, it will be worth your time!