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Paint & Collage and Let Flowers Sing!

Paint with Paige LaDue Henry and you will immerse your creativity in collage and acrylic painting on a 16” x 20” canvas! You’ll be exploring paint effects and combining a variety of papers, oil pastel, pencils, marker and acrylic paint. You’ll create an underpainting on the canvas. And then you’ll be ready to paint some amazing flowers from your own personal vision. Paige has samples to share and inspire you. You’ll collage with the unique papers, combine acrylic paint and several other mixed media mediums and tools all in an effort to express that personal idea. The goal is for each artist to have a real art creating experience! And Paige will guide you gently through the process. Come with an experimental attitude, play with paint, discover color, texture and amaze yourself with what you really can create! Enjoy a happy day of art exploration. Doors of your mind will open and you may never be the same again!
All levels welcome, beginners too!

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